Curruid (TOS)

Session 3: Tomalley- City of Pirates
Duo has a mission

Denebrius Rot was seated across from our heroes in The Dirty Dog when he offered up a proposal. He claimed this proposal was originally intended to Captain Elliath Maneznia, but as she no longer existed he was prepared to ask Curruid’s newest pirates. After all they did fight his men off well and clearly had some merit to themselves. So Denebrius proposed that the heroes join his ranks, and help him build up a new fleet of pirate ships to run the seas around The Skipping Stones. This would come of course, after they helped out Amythos Drake, The Pirate Lord, destroy the Alliance of Islands. Amythos had promised Denebrius a number of ships with which he could again take over the seas around the Skipping Stones, once they had finished Amythos’s plans. It was this group of ships that Denebrius wanted the heroes to join. Keira said they would consider it.

Furthermore she said that they were considering all their option. They had heard that Zed was paying for general mayhem and they wanted to talk to him about his offer. Denebrius corrected them. Although they’d be working for Zed, they would probably never meet him. Zed had never been seen in Tomalley. He stayed in the Kappa city of Wint to the north. He described Zed as supposedly and enormous Turtle. Twice the size of a normal Kappa because he’d been blessed by the Sea Spirit Morla and said that Sea Spirits only blessed the strongest out there. Then he urged them not to meet with any of Zed’s men. He said that Kappa were angry and not to be trusted. Although they would never break a deal, the Kappa find ways to make sure they get broken. Additionally he said that Amythos did not like how Zed was using and treating the pirates and planned to do something about it, Joining with the Kappa may be seen by Amythos as a slight against him. The heroes didn’t care.

Lastly Denebrius added that they may as well join him as Amythos was certain to be coming to talk to them anyway. As he was the Pirate Lord he presumed himself to have control over all other pirates, and usually laid down the rules of piracy for each new pirate crew which popped up. Thorleen then said “I though being a pirate was about not following the rules?” to which Denebrius Rot replied “I know right?” before leaving.

Keira relayed this information to Benedict Moffit who said he would pass it along to the higher ups.

The four spent the night in The Dirty Dog and were each charged the ridiculous fee of 10 gold for the night. In return however Grufus set up a meeting for the heroes with a Kappa known as Duo, who was Zed’s son. They traveled by carriage through the streets of Tomalley. The carriages were being steered by two silent Kappa, Grufus used this as an opportunity to explain that the Kappa are a proud and stubborn race. He mentioned that as a child he was found by humans and raised by humans. simply being raised by humans at an age when he was not capable of making any other choice, was seen by the Kappa as highly offensive, and since then Grufus has been cast out from his society, used only as a go between for the Kappa and the people of Tomalley. Although the Kappa detested Grufus’s “insult of being raised by himans” he was still a Kappa and there for less offensive to talk to than any other race. He urged them to use this as a gauge for the Kappa’s temperament. He said all they could do was try to offend as little as possible, because it wasn’t impossible to NOT offend them. The group understood.

On the northern side of Tomalley was an enormous wall carved out from the side of what was previously a mountain. Atop the mountain stood a small Kappa city called Creif which looked over Tomalley. The enormous wall extended across the entire southern boarder of Danaa (The Boot), even after the mountain’s elevation lowered to ground level. This wall was simply extended out from the mountain side, keeping the pirate riff-raff out of Chelonia. Below Creif was a deserted section of Tomalley known as Lanterntown. When the heroes arrived here, they got onto a large wooden elevator which was operated by a pully system attached to an enormous elephant . The elephant walked and they lifted up the mountain side. Grufus stayed on the ground.

Creif was very spartan in nature, though much nicer by far than any part of Tomalley. The only decorations at all were obsidian statues with gold etchings of Kappa warriors, or Kappa’s holding the world in their hands. The heroes were lead into a large building, through some long hallways and eventually to a large room where they met a Kappa named Duo.

the room was basically empty except for Duo, a desk some BRAZIERS and a painting depicting the Aiger (the event which reshaped Curruid into what it is now). The painting was familiar to both Keira and Thorleen. Thorleen has seen one just like it in a temple to Kord. Only hers had shown what she presumed to be a Dragon, breathing water into the world and flooding it, while this one depicted an enormous turtle creating a tidal wave washing over the world while a woman in a castle laughed. The only similarities other than theme, was that the woman was wearing a crystalline tiara, which matched the crystalline eyes of the Dragon,

Duo was Zed’s son and ruler of Creif. He did not make eye contact with the heroes, and never seemed happy with anything they said. He particularly seemed annoyed that they had gotten rid of Captain Elliath Maneznia, who had been doing good work for him. He said that one person who had not been doing good work for him was a rapscallion by the name of Edwin Redhammer. Edwin was a degenerate gambler and a drunk. Duo had hired Edwin to make something for him and that the dwarf was currently not giving it to him. He was willing to hire the heroes on to do the small job of bringing him Edwin Redhammer alive, who was currently hiding somewhere in Tomalley away from the Kappa. If they did this and proved themselves, the Duo would be willing to hire them on in the same capacity that he had hired Captain Elliath Maneznia. Additionally they could keep the money that the Kappa had paid Edwin. The heroes agreed and were quickly ushered out.

They were then unceremoniously dropped off at the bottom of the wall in Lanterntown and not offered a ride back to the Dirty Dog. The group walked back, which took an entire day. They stayed at the Inn again and asked Grufus for some information on Edwin Redhammer. Grufus informed them the next day, after being paid of course, that Edwin was involved in a underground gambling game known as Rantock. It wasn’t illegal (nothing is in Tamolley) though it was highly secretive, as most pirates frowned upon it. It involved mutating animals and fighting them against each other to the death. As most pirates paid tribute to the Sea Spirits, they did not want to be associated with any such perversion of nature. As such Rantock was help secretly in Lanterntown. So it was another long days march back across Tamolley.

The group eventually arrived at dusk, searching around for any signs of life. Keira quickly picked up on some boot trails which all lead to an empty broken down candy store, They entered and found a puzzle involving a dog and a mirror and who cares… Imari set it off!

Fire began to spray from statues, smoke filled the air, and two men came out from a hidden doorway. They started clubbing away as the heroes… tried to convince them that they were only there to gamble. The fight quickly ended as both men became convinced that the group were not there for any reason other than to gamble. The two guards had heard that the Kappa were trying to get some spies into their game and the heroes denied it was them. They were then brought down into a large room, where they met a man named Dennis. He was not as easily swayed as his dim-witted counterparts. He offered up a gambling quiz to the heroes. If they were savvy enough, they would be let through.

How many numbers are there to chose from in Keno: 50 or 80?
Imari: 80… CORRECT!

What is the worst possible hand in Texas Hold ’em: 2/7 off suit or 3/9 off suit?
Marsh Tidehunter: 3/9… INCORRECT!

What dice combination is referred to as “Box Cars” in craps: Two 5’s or two 6’s?
Keira: Two 6’s… CORRECT!

And with that, the group was let into RANTOCK!

There was an upstairs and a down stairs… the group went upstairs. They kept Barkley close. The group spotted who they assumed was Edwin (a drunkard dwarf) and after Imari confirmed it was him by screaming out his name and watching him twitch, they decided to follow him out. Only problem is he had a body guard with him. The last match occurred: An octopus/cat vs a penguin with a baseball bat. One of the trainers (for lack of a better word) looked a lot like Marsh. Blue Skin. Anyway the last one occurred and everyone began to leave. The heroes held back until Edwin was leaving then they followed him upstairs, where he drank an invisibility potion and went out into Lanterntown. No problem though, as Keira sleuthfully followed the body guard back to their lair. The heroes quickly caught up.

As soon as Edwin was visible again they entered and expressed what was going on. They offered up their help to get Edwin out of Tomalley safely. The bodyguard didn’t see why the heroes were trying to help them. He didn’t see what they got out of helping Edwin escape. Furthermore he only saw going off with them as potentially dangerous as they could be pretending to help when really still working for the Kappa. He said he’d be prtecting Edwin himself. The heroes couldn’t have that. They wanted to know what Edwin was making for the Kappa… FIGHT!

So they fought. Edwin and his body guard had traps and mutant dogs on their side but it was no matter. The heroes brought them down anyway and killed the body guard. They questioned Edwin who said that he was a shipwright and had been hired on by Duo to design a warship for the Kappa. Only after he finished the designs her realized the amount of money he had been given wasn’t enough: his new design was too good. He demanded more but Duo refused and that’s when he went on the run. Marsh took a look at the designs. They were crazy complicated. Keira called Benedict on her SHELL PHONE and relayed to him everything they had been through. Benedict said that some people were very interested in talking to her and that as soon as they felt they’d gotten everything they could, to head back. The group decided not to give up Edwin to Duo and took him with them secretly disguised as a bag of clothing and such.

In The Dirty Dog, Marsh continued the act like he was looking for Edwin, saying they were chasing him out to sea.

The group got aboard Bad Wolf again and set sail, nervous that they weren’t being followed or that Duo was onto them… we shall see next time.

Session 2: Denebrius Rot (among other things)
A tumultious trip to Cheloria

Marsh Tidehunter returned to the ship after “taking care” of Captain Elliath Maneznia and the crew was on their way. They quickly returned to Peridot, Captain Salty‘s ship in toe and with the old name of the ship (Wing) scratched out, and their new name “Bad Wolf” on top of it. Additionally the crew discovered a person held within Captain Elliath Maneznia’s jail cell. A street rat named Imari. Imari was grateful and joined the crew as thanks.

Things felt strange on the docks leading into Peridot, as an old man fishing eyed the heroes. He quickly revealed himself to be a Bullywug named Boil. He and some hidden associates seemed to be gunning for Thorleen; specifically her hammer. The heroes scared off Boil, but not before Imari noticed the tattoo of a black bird on his neck indicating him as a member of the thieves guild RAVEN. She said he was bad news.

The group moved on to find Bria Barker, who used a sending stone to contact a member of the Alliance named Benedict Moffit. He told Bria to give Keira and her associated anything they wanted including a crew and rations. Bria drew the line at a dog trainer for Barkley. They also made an extra sending stone for the heroes with which they could contact Benedict in the future and keep him abreast of their progress. Lastly he suggested they make their way for the Tomalley: City of Pirate, however he urged that they not show up as representatives of the Alliance as they and their small crew would not last very long. Instead he suggested they do recon. Using their newly acquired pirate ship and buying some very large hats, the crew of Bad Wolf transformed themselves into looking like pirates.

The journey to Tomalley would take the crew a month, though it was a rather uneventful one for the first two weeks, until Denebrius Rot showed up. Keira, who had been acting as captain of Bad Wolf, was the only one to hear him land on the ship atop his winged Drake mount Shay. She recognized him through the door of her captain’s quarters, as she had fought against him upon Alliance ships a few months earlier, though she was certain he wouldn’t know who she was so she charged outside, waking up a slumbering (though now curious) Imari who climbed the stairs from below to watch the interaction.

Denebrius told Keira that he had business with Captain Elliath Maneznia and wanted to know what had happened to her. Keira said that they had commandeered the ship and were the new pirate crew. Additionally, she added that Denebrius could converse with her if he wanted. He refused and took off on his Drake.

Imari remained on watch from there, and only a few short hours later, there came an attack from above, as tiny blue creatures with orange saucers for eyes began to drop from parachutes onto the deck of the Bad Wolf. Imari quickly began to ring the alarm as everyone rushed outside. A skirmish broke out and the tiny creatures appeared to be trying to steal the heroes away by wrapping them in nets and attaching them to the Drakes, which had brought them to the ship in the first place. Imari was beaten down and nearly taken off but luckily Marsh broke the rope that held her aloft, and Thorleen scared the circling Drakes off with a couple blasts from cannons atop Bad Wolf.

Two more weeks passed before the crew arrived at Tomalley. The place was swimming with other pirate ships (15 in all). There was an air of tension on the seas leading into the harbor. All around the harbor marched ill-tempored looking Kappa who did not speak to anyone but their own kind. Guards were posted atop the various pirate ships.

Imari quickly found another young guttersnipe like herself named Kyle who, for a small price, pointed the heroes in the direction of a man named Grufus who he claimed could help them find the “work they’d been hearing about.” Grufus was at a tavern called the Dirty Dog.

The streets of Tomalley weren’t like those of any other city the heroes had seen before. Not all people there were necessarily “pirates,” but they were certainly all scum. Prostitutes, thieves, pirates, drunks and generally dodgy individuals lined the endless bars and alleyways.

Inside The Dirty Dog, the heroes found a Kappa barman named Grufus, who agreed to help put them in touch with the right people. He did say however that it could possibly take as long as a day before he could get it all together. The group said okay and agreed to stay in one of Grufus’ rooms in return for the help. Then they sat down to have a round of drinks, until of course they had a visitor to their table… Denebrius Rot.

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Session 1: Captain Elliath Maneznia
There's a mystery afoot: who burned down the apple orchard?

Bria Barker, Peridot’s mayor pro tempore has asked Keira, Marsh Tidehunter and Thorleen to investigate the recent burning of Farmer Johnny‘s apple orchard. She suggests that since some small shadowy monster figures had been seen fleeing the scene that mostly one of two people were behind the strange attack: Ulmarian or Captain Elliath Maneznia. She wasn’t sure if it was either since pirates will rob and steal but tend not to destroy without purpose.

Thorleen then discovered that a voodoo curse had been placed on Bria via some poisoned cigars, causing her back problems. This pointed towards Captain Maneznia, as she was a known voodoo witch.

The heroes then did some investigating, meeting with Farmer Johnny, James Towne, and even Ulmarian himself. At each location all signs began to point toward Captain Maneznia. Ulmarian claimed that she had been hired on by a third party to spread disorder but would not name the source. This information was given to curry favor with the Alliance.

The heroes then took a small ship, given to them by Bria, and explored the seas until they came across Captain Maneznia’s ship “Wing”. They spoke to her briefly from the water, saying they weren’t interested in anything but finding out who hired her and why. Captain Maneznia simply ordered her Kobold crew to “kill them.”

A skirmish broke out between the two ships, but eventually Keira, Marsh and Thorleen subdued (aka slaughtered) the advancing Kobolds; narrowly stopping them from blowing up their own small skiff with magical cannons.

While exploring “Wing,” the heroes discovered it was run off of an entirely magical power source. It also had a number of crazy add-ons. They marched right into Captain Maneznia’s quarters and confronted her. And although it was a tough battle, they eventually subdued the voodoo witch, taking among their loot 1500 gold, a voodoo doll servant, a dog named Barkley and the ship “Wing.” Additionally they learned that Captain Maneznia was hired by Zed, ruler of Cheloria, to wantonly spread destruction to the world. To what purpose she did not know, but there was more money to come with proof so she happily did by burning down the orchard and poisoning Bria Barker.

It was not known what to do with Captain Maneznia as it seemed unethical to Keira for a member of the Alliance to execute her. The same occurred to Thorleen, as she was a cleric of Kord. It was one thing to fell a foe in battle, but this just seems (as Steve put it) “fucked up.” Marsh Volunteered to take care of the problem and led Captain Elliath outside the cabin alone.


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